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Hi, my name is Florence Rita Rickards. I am the founder and creator of the “Create a Life You Love Institute” where Our mission is to empower YOU to connect/reconnect with your Passion and Purpose so that you can realize your dreams bring your unique talents, gifts, and abilities to the world, make the difference you are here to make, and in the process create a life you absolutely love living — a Life totally satisfying to your SOUL!

At the Create a Life YOU Love Institute We Ignite the FIRE 🔥 of the DREAM Within YOU so that you can create and live a life you love!

We empower you to:

Do You Feel You Are Meant For More?

PASSION and PURPOSE together create that BURNING DESIRE that creates Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment and Success in every area of your life. It’s the Rocket Fuel 🚀 for the Life you DREAM of! It’s what Napoleon Hill spoke of in “Think and Grow Rich”.

Ask yourself, “If TODAY was the LAST day of YOUR Life, would YOU want to do what YOU are about to do today?”


You only get one precious life! Just one! And, YOU are here for a Purpose! So don’t waste your one precious life tiptoeing quietly, trying to make it safely to death.

Instead, why aren’t you running like you are on FIRE 🔥 Towards your wildest dreams?

Florence is passionate about YOUR Passion and Purpose. That's why she created the Passion and Purpose Assessment™

Meet Florence

Florence’s clients fondly refer to her as The Passion Igniter and the Passion and Purpose Queen. Florence is an enthusiastic, heart centred, Empowerment Coach & Results Expert.


Honored with The Woman of Distinction Award for her incredible generosity and contribution to the Human Service and Human Potential Movement, and The Courage to Come Back Award for extraordinary courage in overcoming Social and Economic Adversity, and the Sperling Award of Teaching Excellence from the University of Phoenix for pioneering the first Canadian campus and for teaching over 25 courses in the graduate and undergraduate business programs with rave reviews from students! 


Florence uses everything she has learned in her 40+ year career and her in-depth study of the universal, invisible spiritual Laws that govern the universe to help busy professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, healers, consultants, sales professionals, managers, and executives, Create Lives they absolutely LOVE living so that they can Be more, Do more, Have more, and make the difference in the world they are here to make.


Florence’s Passion is facilitating, guiding, motivating, inspiring and energizing people and organizations on their journey to success and fulfillment. She has synthesized the best from psychology, human development, business, communications, consulting, sales, personal development, mentoring, counselling, spirituality and coaching, to help individuals realize their passion, live their dreams and CREATE lives they LOVE living – Lives that are totally satisfying to their SOUL!

Photo: Florence Rita Rickards at one of her events

Florence Rita Rickards (Right) & Niki Martinus (Left) Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Business Owner and Registered Massage Therapist

Florence’s work has been widely featured on television and radio talk show programs such as Body, Mind and Soul, Consciousness Evolution TV, NOW TV, Global TV, WSN radio, News for the Soul radio, Amazing Women of Power Radio, The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Radio Program, and in numerous publications, such as Issues Magazine for Empowerment, SAGE-ING with Creative Spirit, Grace & Gratitude || The Journal of Creative Aging, the Human Resources Management’s People Talk Magazine, The Sun and Province Newspapers, The Now Newspapers, Bank of Montreal, Mature Magazine, and NETWERCC News.

“Listen to your heart, pay whatever it costs, and don't look back. Because the price you will pay to realize your dreams is small, compared to the price you must pay for permitting your dream to die.''

Florence Rita Rickards

Success Stories

Niki Martinus Registered Massage Therapist, Owner of Gecko Massage Therapy, Singer/Songwriter/Musician

"I met Florence at a very transitional time in my life, even though at the time I didn't fully understand quite how transitional it was. I only knew that what she was offering resonated with what I was feeling about my world. After my Complimentary Dreambuilder Strategy Session with Florence, I decided to try a different route which was NOT focused on my current circumstances but rather on my Vision of what my true path and purpose really was! And, I enrolled in her Elite Dreambuilder Program.

As events and circumstances have unfolded in my life, Florence has been my ROCK, and the Dreambuilder Program has been profoundly life changing to say the least. In all, I completed the Elite Dreambuilder Program, the Elite Science of Getting Rich Program, the Standing Firm When Your World is Shaking Program, and the Elite Working with the Law Program.

I now have a deep sense of connection to my greater good and a clear Vision of what I want for myself and my two young sons. I feel peace through turmoil, I feel released from resentments, I feel Confident on my path.

After a lifetime of "wishing" to be a songwriter, I have music flowing readily and continuously and I see the life I dream of unfolding before me! I am performing regularly and recently did a Tribute to Sarah McLaughlin.

Florence is incredibly committed and dedicated to helping me on my journey and I am forever grateful to have her in my life. ”

Carolyn Hutchison Holistic Healer, Coach and Consultant

The Dreambuilder Program was immensely helpful in terms of teaching me more about myself: my beliefs, my values, the things that are important to me, and how I can get in my own way at times. It also reaffirmed for me the Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe.

Florence's unwavering, support and dedication has made the biggest difference in my life. She has also taught me how to really celebrate the Successes and have Fun along the way, including patting myself on the back, ringing the bell, dancing to music, and taking my daughter out to celebrate my graduation from the Dreambuilder Program. My health and energy have improved greatly! I have experienced growth and expansion in every area of my life: health, time and money freedom, relationships, and career. I have found my Passion and Purpose and have made huge strides in focusing on and developing my holistic healing, coaching and consulting business. I have enrolled in Florence's Passion and Purpose to Profit Business Launch Program. As a result, my self confidence has increased greatly and I am much more courageous and willing to “put myself out there”. I am grateful to Florence for her incredible generosity with her time, the materials and resources. She has gone above and beyond for me! Florence is truly an example of someone dedicated to serving others and helping them to live a life they Love - a life filled with passion and purpose.

Matthew Klapwijk Mutual Fund Representative, World financial group Inc.

“I really enjoyed being in Florence’s Think and Grow Rich Program. My brother and I enjoyed it so much that my whole family enrolled in her next program which was The Science of of Getting Rich Program. We all attended together. The Weekly exercises and group discussions facilitated by Florence, enabled us to deepen our understanding of the principles and apply them in our lives. I Highly recommend Florence. She really shows her passion and caring for helping people and transforming lives.”

Kucki Low Speaker, Author, Pilot (South Africa's first female airline pilot)

"I want you to know that I consider your Ignite YOUR Dreams!™Coaching Program, the best you can find anywhere.

What makes this program so unique for me, is the way you share your wisdom and vast experience with a sincere desire to help us achieve our dreams. And you do it with such an open heart and such generosity.

I was so inspired after the call last night, I couldn’t wait to expand on my vision and do the exercise you shared with us! I love being part of this program and have already benefited hugely.

With much love, appreciation and gratitude,”

Regina Leung Holistic and Intuitive Healer

“The DreamBuilder Program was the most Transforming period of my Life. I learned lots and appreciated the precious learning opportunity. It was gratifying to know that even the slightest effort on my part in applying your teaching generated immediate and significant results. Your kind encouragement and open heart guided me to push past all known boundaries. I discovered my Strength that remained dormant within. Throughout the program I developed skills that will last a lifetime as the dreams on my list became reality one after another. You have been most kind and patient in allowing this process to unfold at my pace while coaching me with an uncompromising and steady hand. My work ethics, discipline, tenacity and strength was but a small scale of yours. As I observed how you walked the talk that generated results, it gave me confidence to follow the lead. When I lost steam and toyed with uncertainties, you encouraged me and held my vision high. When I made progress and stayed my course, you affirmed my efforts with cheers and celebrations.

I needed a Partner in Believing, and you offered strength and support. I went through trials and tribulations, you were my mirror and compass. You gave me feedback the way I needed to hear them. A student's magnitude of success and achievement is a direct reflection of the effort and devotion of the Master. As I take inventory of how much I have changed for the better and all that I have accomplished since we met, I can only express my utmost respect and deepest gratitude for the best miracles from the Source to me through you. My sincerest Thank You for all that you have gifted me, Florence; for following your Passion and for being the best coach ever! May you continue to inspire the World one Soul at a time. With Blessings, Love and Light,”

Courtenay Pitcher Business Owner, Kelowna, BC

"A couple of months ago, my business was flat and I felt stuck and discouraged. I had gained weight and weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life. I had no energy and I felt like my main client didn't appreciate my work. I wasn't sure how to help my employees or myself move forward. In fact, I had almost forgotten how to be creative and dream. Right about that time, I read your article in the Issues for Power magazine. I decided to commit to Your VIP, One-On-One, Dreambuilder Coaching Program and go for Gold!

Florence your program and your personal one-on-one coaching has literally transformed my life in so many positive ways and my business is growing and thriving again!

Here are some of the results I experienced: I created a detailed vision statement and found clarity around how powerful it is to write it down and then live from my vision. I manifested a $10,000 gift simply by being grateful. I found renewed joy and enthusiasm, gained a new business partner and secured two new speaking engagements. I experienced tremendous growth overall in my business with new ideas streaming towards me for speaking and mentoring. My whole family has begun an exercise program and I've started to shed pounds and build muscle. I increased my rate/fees and now I'm doing more creative and rewarding work.

I now have improved relationships with my family and my team; multiple speaking offers, and I'm being seen as a leader and a "go to" person. I decided that since I experienced such incredible results with your Program that I would recommend you to all my friends, colleagues and clients."

Adrienne Hogue Quebec, Canada

My Dear Florence: I have come to the end of my personal one to one, Ignite YOUR Dreams! - Dreambuilder Coaching Program with you this week.

I am speechless when I realize where I am in comparison to where I was when I started with you just a few short months ago.

You are incredibly dedicated and such a great partner in believing. You put your heart and soul in your work. Your knowledge and savvy of the invisible, universal laws is so fine-tuned. I feel your generous soul in everything you do. With your kind and firm hand you help me stay on my path. It is so easy to let go and go back to the old paradigms - the old way of thinking and the old way of looking at things and the old way of being.

The information, reference materials, books and exercises you provide and recommend are pure Gold. Working the Program with you as my coach and mentor is incredibly precious and powerful. Having you with your depth and breadth of personal and professional experience is priceless.

I am so happy and looking forward to doing the “Working with the Law” Coaching Program with you. I have discovered so much and I enjoy going deeper inside where I find my SELF. I am at peace and I am finding my way to have a fulfilling life.

I am very grateful for you and your work!

"You make such a difference in the world!"

Carlos Enrique Morales Lazcano Registered Psychologist, Pueblo, Mexico

I am very grateful for your heartfelt support and generosity of time and resources that enabled me to enrol in your VIP, one-on-one Dreambuilder Program. I felt blessed when you gifted me a substantial Scholarship to assist with the investment in myself and my future.

I appreciated your professionalism and dedication to helping me receive the absolute best from you and the program. It was wonderful being in such an incredible structure of support as I built my DREAM. I could tell that you wanted the best of me and for me, in every session. Your Confidence and belief in me, made me give my best, every time! As a result of being in your VIP Dreambuilder Program, I discovered some important things about myself and I now have increased self confidence and self- esteem. I also have a better understanding of how the Invisible Laws of the Universe work. I learned the importance of being perseverant, punctual and organized. In addition, I learned the true value of commitment to myself and my dreams.

Thank you very much coach Florence! I wish you every Blessing and Success!

Matthew Peat Director of Sales, Cancun, Mexico

"After just a few short weeks of the Dreambuilder Program, things started to change! I created a vision for the life I would love and read it day and night as Florence suggested and it is amazing how the things in my vision are becoming a reality! I learned what my values are - what's important to me! I went from getting a warning at work for low sales numbers, to being Top Producer for the next 2 months consecutively. I received bonuses, rewards, recognition and acknowledgement in front of my peers. It felt awesome!! I felt awesome!! With Florence's guidance and never ending enthusiasm and persistence, I started to reap many of the rewards that had previously eluded me. I am now currently earning nearly triple what I was earning when I started the program! My whole way of thinking and consciousness is completely different now!! My social life has changed completely. And, My relationship with my son has improved greatly. I realize that I have just scratched the Surface of what is possible for me. So I have decided to continue the Coaching with Florence by enrolling in her Into Your Genius Program. Thank you Florence for your dedication and great work in helping me and others be the best they can be and achieve their dreams!"

John Wall John Wall, Kelowna, BC

“Florence: The wonderful person who referred me to you and your Dreambuilder Program, is now becoming my spouse. This is making me a better man and that is all I want to be for her. I am becoming more and more and I can see that the life I love is within my grasp. I believe that the guidance I am receiving from you is imperative if I am to attain the life I dream of with her.

You said in our calls that this is what you were meant to do and I believe that. I see the laws at work all around me including you!! This program shows me that everyone of us, has a dream that requires us to become something more. And it is amazing to see you living your dream and to see those laws at work now requiring you to grow to meet the magnitude of your dream. It is an affirmation to me as well to see that this is truly your dream and the life that you love to live. It has made me a believer Florence! Thank you for helping me with this new awareness and guiding me on the path to a bigger, better me!!

Many thanks and in the deepest of gratitude.”

Jo-Ann Owen Program Assistant Recreation & Athletics, Simon Fraser University

"In spite of her numerous credentials and qualifications, she is a humble and approachable person who loves to Share her extensive knowledge and experience with others.

Florence has played a major role in my life. With her coaching I have been motivated to strive for and achieve exceptionally high standards in my personal and professional decisions and choices. She provided me with outstanding mentorship. She taught and encouraged me to meet challenges that I had never before thought possible!

She showed me the way. She believed in my capacity and dreams and this allowed me to advance with determination and confidence to achieve my goals. She helped me step outside my comfort zone, follow my dreams, grow, change, explore, take a chance and never give up!"

Mia Morin Member Service Manager, Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

"As a result of working with Florence, my performance as a manager has improved. More specifically, I have increased self-confidence and my problem solving, conflict resolution and performance feedback skills have improved greatly.

Through the coaching sessions Florence has inspired me to believe in myself and go for gold! She has been a great influence and support. I highly recommend her as a coach or mentor to individuals at anyl level of an organization and in any work environment or industry."

Nancy Bolton Manager, RainMaker Call Centre Inc.

"I first met Florence Rita Rickards at a Conference where she was the keynote speaker. As a result of her dynamic presentation, I decided to meet with her privately to discuss the possibility of providing me with business coaching. I was impressed with Ms. Rickards, and decided to contract her services. During this time, I found Florence to be a dynamic, upbeat, energetic, encouraging and inspiring person. Through her coaching, I was able to improve many aspects of my call center. This resulted in increased profits for the organization. Ms. Rickards accomplished this by using a variety of methods. One technique was the use of powerful questions. These questions made me think and helped me to see things clearly or in some situations, to see things differently or to see things with new eyes. Often we would come up with several different perspectives and then I could choose the one that was the best fit.

I also sent 10 of my employees to a wellness workshop that Miss Rickards facilitated my staff came back to work with renewed motivation and decreased stress levels.

Her coaching enabled me to tap into my personal strengths and skills. I was impressed with her dedication, professionalism and breadth of knowledge"

    "You are being called to greatness. To your greatest self yet to be. Every one of us has far more potential than we can imagine"

    Florence Rita Rickards

    Our vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only, as I’m sure you understand. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

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