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to Create a Life YOU Love! This is a special place where you can connect/reconnect with your Passion and Purpose, Accelerate Your Results, Realize Your Maximum Potential, Learn How to Realize Your Dreams, and Create a Life YOU absolutely Love! A life totally satisfying to your Soul!

Florence Rita Rickards

Fondly referred to as The Passion and Purpose Queen, Florence is passionate about YOUR Passion and Purpose. She is an enthusiastic, heart centred, Empowerment Coach & Results Expert. Honored with The Woman of Distinction Award for her incredible generosity and contribution to the Human Service and Human Potential Movement, and The Courage to Come Back Award for extraordinary courage in overcoming Social and Economic Adversity. Florence uses everything she has learned in her 30+ year career to help busy professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, managers, and executives, Create Lives they absolutely LOVE living so that they can Be more, Do more, Have more, and make the difference in the world they are here to make.

''Listen to your heart, pay whatever it costs, and don't look back. Because the price you will pay to realize your dreams is small, compared to the price you must pay for permitting your dream to die.''

Florence Rita Rickards

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July 3, 2022


By Florence Rita Rickards Attempting to manifest that which we are not passionate about is like dressing up a corpse! If tomorrow you were diagnosed with terminal cancer and told you had only a few months to live, would the big house, the boat, the cottage at the lake, and […]
July 3, 2022


"People who achieve great things have a passion that stirs their soul." ~ Florence Rita Rickards We are not meant to play small. We are not meant to tiptoe through life gently and quietly, hoping to make it safely to death. No! We are created for Greatness. We are born […]
July 3, 2022

The ‘Laffter Lady’ Bounces Back To Inspire Others

Florence Rita Rickards, a certified laughter leader, teaches workshop participants the benefits of a good chuckle. Laughter really is the best medicine, says Coquitlam resident Florence Rita Rickards. Rickards is one of eight certified laughter leaders in B.C., and is trained in the laughter therapy techniques developed by Dr. Madan […]