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Ignite YOUR Dreams

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Saturday, September 24th, 2016

 8:00 AM – 8:50 AM — Registration
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM — Event
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM — Lunch
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM — Event

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Are You Ready to Get Rid of FEAR, Self-Doubt, Worry, and Self-Sabotage?
Are You Ready to Create a Life YOU Love?

Maybe, you are feeling discouraged about something right now. Stuck. Uninspired. Unfulfilled. You’ve tried everything and still fallen short of your goals. You feel like the light and passion have gone out of your life.

Maybe, you struggle with procrastination, and your dreams seem unattainable. And even the closest people in your life think that your big goals are just a caprice, an idealist and impossible fantasy.

I know how you feel – because I’ve been in that valley of despair. But I always knew my dreams are too important to give up on them. And when I refused to be the victim and answered my call to greatness, the successes started pouring in.

I overcame the challenges of teen pregnancy and homelessness in the late 60's when being an "unwed" mother was shameful. I defeated poverty, abuse, lack of education, and many other adversities to become a successful social worker, rehabilitation counselor, businesswoman, coach, speaker, and author.

That’s when I realized: There is an art and science to creating a life you love. And like any art or science, it can be taught, learned and perfected with the guidance of a master.

By now, I have been teaching dreambuilding system and principles for over 35 years. It is my passion to help people like you connect with their purpose. I can help you achieve your maximum potential, realize your dreams and create a life you love living.

I know when I answered my calling, I was absolutely blown away by what I discovered about myself. I am in awe of the many gifts, talents, and latent abilities that came forward when I defeated my fear and started living my purpose. I can’t wait for you to experience the same transformation and get your fire back!

I am hosting this special live event, Ignite Your Dreams LIVE, so you can learn the proven formula that all great achievers have used to bring their dreams into reality. I am inviting you to spend a day with me and other like-minded individuals - heart-centered folks who are answering the call to MORE - to be more, to do more, to have more. They are answering their call to greatness. Will you?

Learn How to Bring YOUR Biggest Dreams into

Reality and Create a Life YOU Love!

Ignite your Dreams LIVE

Is a Transforming Experience!

When you Attend this Energetic, Enthusiastic, Inspirational, Informative, Fun, Interactive, Event

Here Is What You'll Receive:


The Proven Formula for bringing YOUR Biggest Dreams into Reality!

Learn the exact steps you need to take to live the life of your dreams and achieve extraordinary results year after year.


You will "Get your FIRE back" and create a fresh new VISION for your life!


Networking Opportunities

At this event, you will meet other like-minded individuals and experience networking and friendship making opportunities like never before. Because you will be in a room filled with other Dream Builders and Passion Igniters! You will be in the Vibration—in the Zone! Create business partnerships, friendships, explore joint venture opportunities and find partners in believing.

Networking opportunities

You will leave with Motivation, Energy and Enthusiasm

Take home the tools and information you need to skyrocket your dreams to the next level and bring YOUR biggest dreams into reality! Reaching for your dreams is possible when you are properly supported along the path. You'll be inspired, supported, and ready to TAKE ACTION! 

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ONLY $99.00

(available till Sept 10th ONLY)

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Spend an entire day in a deep dive with award winning Certified Transformational Dreambuilder Coach, Certified Life Success Consultant and Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Florence Rita Rickards (Florence) has 40 years of experience helping individuals connect/reconnect with their passion and purpose, realize their dreams, accelerate their results and Create lives they LOVE Living.


Known as The Passion and Purpose Queen, Florence is sometimes called "The Passion Igniter! "Florence delivers with Passion, Purpose, Enthusiasm and LOVE."


She has been called a "Presenter Extraordinaire; a Powerhouse! A Ball of Fire; A dynamo!" She is passionate about helping YOU Ignite YOUR Dreams! And Passionate about helping YOU bring those Dreams into Reality so that YOU can Create and Live a Life YOU Love!


"When you attend this Energetic, Enthusiastic, Informative, Fun, Interactive, Event You will not only Get your FIRE back! You will Create a fresh new VISION for your life! And, you will learn the Proven Formula for Bringing YOUR Biggest Dreams into Reality! You will learn HOW to Create and Live a Life YOU Love! And you will leave with the Energy, Enthusiasm, Tools and Information you need to Bring Your Biggest Dreams into Reality!"

VIP catered Lunch


Florence Rita Rickards

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Avoid the hassle of long line-ups at local restaurants. Enjoy a delicious, plated, served lunch that can cater to your special dietary needs

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Vip lunch

Avoid the hassle of long line-ups at local restaurants. Enjoy a delicious, plated, served lunch with Florence

Rita Rickards - Florence Will answer some of your most

burning questions during lunch

Early Bird Tickets

ONLY $99.00

(available till Sept 10th ONLY)

Before this event sells out — SECURE YOUR SEAT TODAY!

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What some Participants are saying about the program...

“Dear Florence:

A couple of months ago, my business was flat and I felt stuck and discouraged. I had gained weight and weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life. I had no energy and I felt like my main client didn't appreciate my work. I wasn't sure how to help my employees or myself move forward. In fact, I had almost forgotten how to be creative and dream.

Right about that time, I read your article in the Issues magazine. And, I decided to give you a call. I decided to commit to Your VIP, One-On-One, Dreambuilder Coaching Program and go for Gold! Florence your program and your personal one-on-one coaching has literally transformed my life in so many positive ways and my business is growing and thriving again!

Here are some of the results I experienced after just s few short weeks in your program:

  • I created a three page vision statement and found clarity around how powerful it is to write down and then live from my vision.
  • I manifested a $10,000 gift simply by being grateful.
  • I expanded my dream and shared many of the lessons I learned from Florence with others. This resulted in accolades from some of my peers.
  • I found renewed joy and enthusiasm
  • I've gained s new business partner and secured two new speaking engagements.
  • My whole family has begun an exercise program and I've started to shed pounds and build muscle.
  • I've increased my rate/fees with one of my clients and now I'm doing more creative and rewarding work for him. My relationship with this long-term client has improved and I feel more respected.

I have decided that since I experienced such incredible results with your Program that others could benefit as well. So, I am now recommending to all my friends, colleagues and clients that they enroll in your Program. I want to close by listing just a few of the other amazing things that happened as a result of being in your VIP, One-On-One, DREAMBUILDER PROGRAM:

  • tremendous growth overall in my business,
  • new ideas streaming towards me for my speaking and mentoring,
  • improved relationships with my team and my family,
  • letting go of resentment, multiple speaking offers,
  • being seen as a leader and as a "go to" person
  • increased energy and improved insights.

Thank you so very much Florence for your awesome coaching, your unwavering support and your belief in me and most importantly for being you!

~ Courtenay Pitcher
Business Owner, Kelowna, BC

“The Ignite Your Dreams Program is the best on-line group coaching you can find anywhere. What makes this program so unique for me, is the way Florence shares her wisdom and vast experience as a coach, with the desire to help us achieve our dreams with such an open heart and such generosity of time.  I was so inspired by the call last night I couldn’t wait to expand on my vision and do the exercise Florence shared with us to help make our lives more balanced.  I love being part of this program and have benefited hugely!

With much love, appreciation and gratitude,”

~ Kucki Low, Speaker and Author, Vancouver, BC

“I met Florence at a very transitional time in my life, even though at the time I didn’t fully understand quite how transitional it was. I only knew that what she was offering resonated with what I was feeling about my world. I had been looking into starting counselling because of some difficult issues I was facing, but after my complimentary Discovery Strategy Session with her, I was compelled to try a different route which was NOT focused on my current circumstances but rather on my Vision of what my true path and purpose really was.

As events and circumstances have unfolded in my life, Florence has been my ROCK, and her coaching and the Program has been profoundly life changing to say the least. I now have a deep sense of connection to my greater good and a clear vision of what I want for myself and my two young sons. I feel peace through turmoil, I feel released from resentments, I feel confident on my path.

After a lifetime of “wishing” to be a songwriter, I have music flowing readily and continuously and I see the life I dream of unfolding before me!
Florence is incredibly committed and dedicated to helping me on my journey and I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

Niki Martinus, Registered Massage Therapist, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, (Who’s Your Daddy and Daddyo Bands) Kelowna, BC

“Florence’s Coaching and the Program was the most Transforming period of my Life. I learned lots and appreciated the precious learning opportunity. It was gratifying to know that even the slightest effort on my part in applying your teaching generated immediate and significant results. Your kind encouragement and open heart guided me to push past all known boundaries. I discovered my Strength that remained dormant within until I put the Laws of the Universe to test.

Throughout the program I developed skills that will last a lifetime as the dreams on my list became reality one after another. You have been most kind and patient in allowing this process to unfold at my pace while coaching me with an uncompromising and steady hand. My work ethics, discipline, tenacity and strength was but a small scale of yours. As I observed how you walked the talk that generated results, it gave me confidence to follow the lead. When I lost steam and toyed with uncertainties, you encouraged me and held my vision high. When I made progress and stayed my course, you affirmed my efforts with cheers and celebrations.

I needed a Partner in Believing, and you offered strength and support. I went through trials and tribulations, you were my mirror and compass. You gave me feedback the way I needed to hear them. A student’s magnitude of success and achievement is a direct reflection of the effort and devotion of the Master. As I take inventory of how much I have changed for the better and all that I have accomplished since we met, I can only express my utmost respect and deepest gratitude for the best miracles from the Source to me through you. My sincerest Thank You for all that you have gifted me, Florence; for following your Passion and for being the best coach ever!
May you continue to inspire the World one Soul at a time.
With Blessings, Love and Light.”



Regina Leung, Wholistic Healer and  Intuitive Counsellor, Kelowna, BC

VIP catered Lunch with Florence Rita

Rickards - Seating is limited

so book your lunch ticket now.   

ONLY $ 45.00 (includes gratuity)

Participants were asked, “What did you like most about Florence’s presentation and the Event?” Here are some of their responses:

Participants were asked, “What did you like most about Florence’s presentation and the Event?” Here are some of their responses:

Florence Ignite your dream
  • “Florence is a very powerful speaker!”

  • “The love and enthusiasm emanating from Florence.”

  • “Honest, compassionate and inspirational.”

  • “Her life experiences are remarkable. Passionate presentation!”

  • “I loved Florence’s presentation. It is an experience I will carry around with me and call on whenever I need it.”

  • “The audience was moved to tears, cheers and laughter as Florence shared her real life experience strength and hope. She had to hand out boxes of Kleenex.”

  • “Well organized. Excellent speaker.”

  • “Florence captivated the audience, spell bound at times, then took us to a place where we could all relate, connect and celebrate the victories too.”

  • “Her speaking from the heart. It was so emotional and moving.

  • “I now know it is ok to be ME!"

  • “The honest sharing of her life experience. Her story.”

  • “The personal heart-based approach. Thank you Florence for sharing your struggles and insights. Very energizing.”

  •  “Your story moves and empowers me.”

  • “Recognition of uniqueness, empowering!

  • "Hearing a success story.”

  • “Your personal story of strength and inspiration.

  • “The energy and enthusiasm!”

  • “Emotional commitment.”

  • “Passionate presentation”; “raw, open, vulnerable, a very strong woman”; “passionate, wonderful, warm spirit”

  • “Florence lives her life on purpose. She is full of passion. She reached my heart.”

  • “Honest, caring, heartfelt. A deep desire to help others. True to self.”

  • “Florence’s enthusiasm and sharing of emotion got me in touch with my feelings.”

  • “Thank you for sharing your successes, tears, and fears with us. It was most inspirational.”

  • “The honesty, truth, life energy that came from Florence’s heart.”

  • “I enjoyed the heartfelt talk and the wonderful flow of positive, useful, information.”

  • “Touched my heart and soul.”

  • “I now believe I can achieve my dreams and succeed. Inspiring.”

  • “Florence’s energy and the positive, safe environment she created. I loved hearing Florence’s inspirational story. It was emotional and uplifting.”

  • “I believe that Florence is one of our unsung heroes.”

  • “Passionate, wonderful warm spirit!”

  • “Thank you for sharing your successes and fears with us. It was most inspirational!”

  • “Your honesty and passion. You have given me hope.”

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VIP catered Lunch

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