7 Step Formula for Becoming a High Powered, Walking Magnet for the Life YOU Would LOVE Living!

Published By: Florence R. Rickards

In the last newsletter I sent you a Guide to Writing Your Crystal Clear, Highly Magnetic IGNITED Vision. I hope that you have taken the time to write your IGNITED Vision for your life. Because, you can’t GET TO your DREAM, you must come FROM your Dream. You can’t transform your life without having a clear road map of what you would LOVE! A vision gives focus to your energy, thoughts and actions.But if your vision is vague or nonexistent, you become scattered. Your progress becomes haphazard and you end up frustrated, having made little measurable progress despite months or even years of effort. I can help.

And remember, everything was created twice – first in thought and then in form. So to create the life you would Love, you need to be THINKING of what you would LOVE!

In the last newsletter I promised that I would send you the 7 Step Formula for becoming a High Powered, Walking Magnet for the life YOU Would LOVE Living – the life you have described in your Ignited Vision. And here it is.

Keep in mind that if you want to create something different – something new, you need to learn to tune to a different frequency. You need to think and act differently and hence vibrate at a different frequency.  Like the space shuttle to the moon, that spends 97 to 99.9% of its time off course, and constantly recorrects to land on the moon with accuracy, we need to notice our thinking and recorrect. That is how you get on and stay on the frequency of your Dream life. 

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.  This is Physics.  ~ Albert Einstein

Here are the 7 steps that will help you match the frequency of the reality you want and help you stay on course:

 1.    Visualize (picturing in your mind) is the first step in the blueprinting process. How clear are you on what it is you want? Create a brilliant, bright, crystal clear picture of what you would Love. Clarity is KEY!  Then ask yourself, “What would be twice as clear?”  What would it take to dial up the clarity – I invite you to dial it up a notch!  Ask yourself how can I become clearer on what it is that I want? And, if you aren’t sure what you want.  If you don’t really know what you want. Just begin!  Remember, it is the START that STOPS most people. So, start by listing what you don’t want and that will help you identify what you DO want. Ask yourself, “What would I really LOVE?” If it doesn’t light you up, it it doesn’t ignite a fire within you, change it to something that does! Then match the frequency and stay there!!
2.    Sensorize – Bring your five senses (see, hear, touch, taste, and smell) into the visualizing experience.  What does your Dream smell like when you are there? Smell is a little used tool that has amazing frequency producing power. What does your Dream sound like? What are the sounds that are around you in your Dream/Vision? What does it feel like? What’s in your hands? What are you touching? What does your dream taste like? Perhaps there is a meal you are enjoying in a favorite city in a particular country as you fulfill your dream. Visualize a moment that represents your dream. Visualize and sensorize every morning and night getting into the emotional state of your vision and impressing your vision upon your mind.
3.    Emotionalize  Visualizing and sensorizing helps activate emotions. A frequency is generated through our emotional vibrations. Our feelings are simply frequencies in action that we are broadcasting.  Your vision, if it is one that gets you are fired up, will activate your heart centre. Begin with the end in mind (reverse imagery). See yourself getting a 10, winning the medal, the award, delivering the talk; see the crowd cheering and feel the elation, the happiness, the joy, the excitement – the thrill of knowing that you did it and feel that feeling to the core of your being!
4.    Memorize – Once you have completed practice #3 above – memorize the frequency/vibration.  How?  By repetition (habits are memorized).  This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.  This is where you anchor the frequency by repeating over and over step #3 above until the memory of the feeling is anchored in your very being! This is how you broadcast a consistent frequency/message. It is repeating this and holding the frequency longer that makes the difference.  “Your mind is a centre of divine operation.” Genevieve Behrend, Your Invisible Power.

5.    Stabilize – We cannot go through life without dealing with some tough challenges…..some tough stuff…..some bumps in the road that throw us off course.  Just remember that the shuttle to the moon is constantly recorrecting and that is how it lands on the moon with accuracy. It’s not about not falling down and not making mistakes.  It’s about getting back up and getting back on course.  Our focus is to narrow the time between falling down or going off course and getting back up, getting back on course. I always say, “I have two black belts, one in success and one in failure.”

6.    Actionize – What kind of action do you want to take? Calm, competent, quick action.  Ask yourself, what is a quick, confident action I can take right away that will build momentum?  Something that you know you can do well and will succeed at?  What small action can I take right now that will be a win for me? The first throw of the football game is not an 80 yard throw it is a short confident action to build confidence and momentum. Take calm, confident action leaving no stone unturned. One small action a day, doing what we can, with what we have can go a long way to creating success!

7.    Realize – What preparations do I need to make? What do I need to do to get my house in order?

By PRACTICING the above steps on a consistent basis you are becoming a high powered magnet for your dream!  It is seeking you right now! It is seeking to be expressed by you!  Don’t SETTLE for inspiration – take ACTION and put the above practices in place! Remember, inspiration without action is merely entertainment.

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