Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

Published By: Florence R. Rickards

Gratitude is the frequency that is harmonious with abundance

What do you think of at Thansgiving time? Traditionally, Thanksgiving has been a time to give thanks for the harvest, for the bounty that we have. The custom of giving thanks for the annual harvest is one of the world’s oldest celebrations and can be traced back to the dawn of civilization.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving day (French: Action de grâce), called Canadian Thanksgiving to distinguish it from the American Thanksgiving. Our Thansgiving is celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October whereas the American Thansgiving is in late November. Canadian Thanksgiving has been officially celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada since November 6, 1879.

This year in particular because we are still experiencing the effects of a worldwide pandemic, I have been thinking how much we have to be grateful for. There are so many in the world who are homeless and have no shelter, no running water or electricity, nothing to eat and no clean water to drink. I also think of those individuals who have no way of protecting themselves from viruses such as Covid 19. There are so many ways we can help uplevel the planet at this time and at any time actually. We can give or share something without spreading illness – a kind word or gesture, volunteer at the homeless shelter (if you are healthy enough), donate $$ to the Gospel Mission so they can provide more hot turkey dinners, or give to some other cause that is helping people. The pandemic has resulted in soaring prices for food and those who were in need before the pandemic are even more in need of help NOW. 

The good and the gratitude will spread like ripples on a pond. 

Gratititude is the frequency that is harmonious with abundance. When you feel truly grateful for what’s already in your life, you become a powerful beacon for everything that’s harmonious with the wavelength you are attuned to.

There are so many ways we can show our gratitude. Being patient in traffic or in a line up at the grocery store, saying a kind word to a grocery clerk who has been standing, checking groceries for hours, being patient and kind when waiting on hold for a lengthy time and finally having our call answered. (I sat on hold with one organization for over two hours this past week.)

I am so grateful when I go to the grocery store and I see the hardworking people that have been there throughout all of this! And I am grateful for the food that is on the shelves. Think of all that it takes to get the produce to our stores and onto the shelves! 

I am so very grateful for all the wonderful people that I have in my life and I am grateful for all the lives that I have been blessed to impact over the years! 

And, I thank God that I am still here, and still serving!

Wishing you a Blessed and Happy Thanksging, Friend! !

You Coach and Partner in Believing,

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