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Sasha Dying

florencerickards-sashaHere is my little dog Sasha lying on the bed when I got to Langley Specialty Vet Hospital after driving through the mountains in the dark during the night.  He was dying. It seemed he was one breath away from death at that time. I didn't go to sleep because I was afraid he would stop breathing. When he take too long between breaths, I would gently put my hand on his back and talk to him and he would come back to me. I had to stay awake for his sake!

At this point, all the odds were against Sasha. He had been diagnosed with pancreatitis and hepatitis and gall bladder stasis, But, he kept looking at me as if to say, "don't give up on me Mom, I can make it out of this if you will just hang in there with me". And, since he hung in there with me through thick and thin (when I was wheelchair bound and could barely get out of bed), sickness and health, I hung in there with him.

The vet hospital here in Kelowna had pumped him so full of drugs that I did not want to chance anything further happening. We could not meet with the Internal Medicine Specialist till 9 am and we just had to wait.  When we met with her, she was really impressed with Sasha's will to live! She was great! She agreed with me that all the drugs they had given him at the hospital in Kelowna did not help as they all had to be processed through his liver and pancreas.

Sasha is now considered the Miracle dog here in Kelowna!! because dogs half his age don't usually recover from that type of diagnosis (pancreatitis, hepatitis, gall bladder stasis). He was really sick!!. At one point during his road to recovery, I said, "Sasha, if you want to go and it's your time, it's ok. I don't want you to suffer".  But, he kept telling me, "Mom, I am going to pull out of this, so don't you give up on me". And so I didn't!  I went to the ends of the earth for him and I am so glad I did!!

I am so grateful for Dr. Oz of the Rose Valley Vet Hospital over in WestBank. He was the only vet that would hang in there with me and willing to believe with me that Sasha could pull out of this. When Sasha had not eaten anything for almost 3 weeks, I went on the internet and found out about a human antidepressant that stimulates appetite and I asked dr. Oz if he would prescribe a minute dose. I had tried every type of food you could imagine and Sasha, who had always been a food oriented dog, just was not eating anything and not drinking much either. Dr. Oz agreed to prescribe the smallest dose available. I gave Sasha the medicine and on day 3, he started eating again!! Praise the Lord sing hallelujah!!

And, I had so many other wonderful natural herb and remedy people online, offer suggestions. I put Sasha on Pet Well being's natural Milk Thistle and a homemade electrolyte mixture andall homemade food - an all natural food diet after that and he is doing great! I am so happy and grateful!!

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